How do I go about obtaining a residential placement with SARAH SENECA?

All individuals supported by SARAH SENECA must be funded through the
Department of Developmental Services

Are all homes owned by SARAH SENECA?

SARAH SENECA currently provides residential supports to approximately (90) individuals. Some individuals live in homes owned by SARAH SENECA. Other individuals live in houses or apartments that are independently leased.

How many people share an apartment or house?

There are two primary factors that deal with the number of housemates. The first is an individual’s desire to either live alone or with one or more housemates. The second is the financial resources of an individual and his/her need to have a housemate to share expenses.

What funds are usually available for individuals to pay for expenses?

This depends on the individual, however, generally the following sources of income are utilized:

  • Social Security Check (SSDI)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Wages from employment
  • Food stamps and/or other entitlements

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